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The National Centre of Excellence for Home Economics (NCHE) St Angela’s College, Ireland and the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) invites the submission of abstracts for the XXV IFHE World Congress 2024 addressing the theme

Home Economics in a Time of Transformation: Bridging the Past - Charting the Future




The theme of the 25th World Congress is Home Economics in a Time of Transformation: Bridging the Past - Charting the Future. Home Economics, as a field of study was founded in 1899, and, as we gather to celebrate the 25th World Congress in Ireland we have an exciting opportunity to advance ideas related to the conference theme. The social disruption and consequences of the pandemic are not yet well understood but it is accepted that this era has triggered new behaviours and ways of living. Home Economics can play a progressive role in shaping a more positive human experience and determining how we can address global issues that concern sustainable and healthy everyday living. What might 2024 and beyond mean for the human experience? Are transformative factors required to support individuals, families and consumers to mediate this transition?

We look forward to welcoming delegates from all over the world to the 25th World Congress. We invite professionals, researchers, practitioners and students to submit abstracts aligned with the Congress theme. Delegates from aligned and cognate disciplines are most welcome to submit an abstract.


Abstracts for oral presentation, full paper, poster, exhibit, workshop and/or symposium proposals are invited that relate to the Congress theme and one or more of the following sub-themes:

  • Home Economics Vision, Philosophy and Literacy

  • Sustainable and Responsible Living

  • Family and Social Studies

  • Food, Nutrition and Public Health

  • Food Systems

  • Textile Craft, Textile Education, Fashion and Design

  • Transformative Education Pedagogy / Curriculum Development Policy

  • Home Economics Education

  • Education and Wellbeing - Alignment of Policy and Practice

  • Consumer Empowerment

  • Partnerships for Sustainable and Healthy Everyday Living (with government entities, community, national authorities, industry, CSOs, NGOs etc.).

  • Financial Literacy

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Criteria for Submitting & Acceptance of Abstracts

  1. All abstracts must be submitted online using the links on the Congress website

  2. For submissions involving more than one author, the abstract is to be submitted by:

    • the first (main) author for individual papers, posters and exhibits

    • the Programme Committee Chair for programme committee workshops

    • the Symposium Chair for all proposed symposia and panel or roundtable discussions.

  3. The first (main) author of the submission must be an individual member of IFHE. IFHE membership is open to Home Economists and professionals and students from related fields.

  4. All abstracts must be submitted in English.

  5. An individual may only submit two abstracts as first (main) author (excluding textile exhibition). There is no limit to submissions as second/third authorship. Note: authors should decide on order of authorship according to each person’s contribution to the submission of work.

  6. All abstracts will be blind peer-reviewed and selected based on merit and relevance to the conference theme.

  7. Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment of at least one author(s) to present in person during the concurrent sessions, if accepted.

  8. All full papers must be previously unpublished.

  9. All presenters must register and pay the full Congress registration fee by 30th March 2024 or the paper/presentation will be removed from the programme.

  10. Presenters of the abstract must be an IFHE individual member by 30th March 2024.

  11. Responsibility for transport of accepted exhibit items to and from Congress lies with the individual artist/exhibitor. All such items must be the original work of the attributed artist/exhibitor


Types of presentation

Oral Presentation: A 15-20 minute presentation (including time for questions) within a concurrent session block of 90 minutes. Although independent of other presentations, oral presentations will be programmed according to the thematic stream and key words nominated by the author(s). Oral presentations can be based on research and/or best practice.

Full Paper Submission is available, as an additional option, to all presenters (see ‘Submission Deadlines’). Papers should be 4000–6000 words in length and include the title, with no identification of the author/s throughout the uploaded document. Acceptance of full papers for presentation makes them eligible for publication in the International Journal of Home Economics.


Poster: Your poster will be presented in hard copy format. Authors will be required to be at the Poster Display for a specified period for discussion of their posters. Specifications for posters will be confirmed upon acceptance. Poster presentations can be based on research and/or best practice.


Exhibit: IFHE invites exhibits that display and showcase the field of Home Economics. For textile related exhibits, the maximum dimensions are one square metre and each accepted piece must include a method for display either on a wall (e.g. a frame) or freestanding (e.g. to be displayed on mannequin or stand) - please clearly indicate which display option the proposed exhibit piece will utilise. Abstracts for textiles exhibits should be set out with the following subheadings: Materials; Techniques; Inspiration, alignment to Congress theme. Each textiles abstract should include a photograph or preliminary sketch of the exhibit.


Workshop: IFHE Programme Committee Chairs are encouraged to co-ordinate sessions that showcase and further their work and achievements since the previous IFHE World Congress and into the future. Chairs should submit an abstract as ‘presenting author’ and list other presenters as ‘other authors’.


Symposium: IFHE invites proposals for group presentations focused on a relevant topic or issue. These 60-minute sessions may take the form of a symposium, panel discussion or roundtable forum (please identify proposed format clearly in the abstract). Proposals should be submitted by the session chair, with co-presenters listed as ‘other authors’. Time should be allowed for questions, the drafting of conclusions and/or audience participation within the session.


Abstract Form - Online Submission Details to Outline:

  • Title of Abstract

  • First and last names of author(s), corresponding institution(s), and country

  • Contact details of first author

  • 3-5 keywords that describe submission

  • Category of submission: oral, poster, best practice, exhibit, workshop, symposium

  • Identification of Congress Sub-Theme

  • Abstract should be no more than 200 words in length

  • Abstract may include (as appropriate to the type of submission)
    Introduction: state aim of the research / Objective(s) / Research Question(s)
    Method(s): quantitative and/or qualitative, analysis methods, statistical test methods
    -Findings (include possibly: study limitation, discussion with reference to similar studies


Submission Deadlines:


31st October 2023: Closing deadline for all abstracts and submission of full papers to be refereed

15th January 2024: Notification of acceptance for all Congress presentations

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